5 Ways to Style a Beret

Cold ears, staticky hair, red nose -Winter may want us all to look  dazed and frozen but I’ve got other plans. My weapon of choice? The Beret. An accessory that’s equal parts functional life-saver and adorable outfit-completer and not to forget  a cosy symbol of Parisian style (Isn’t it? )

5 Ways to Style A BeretAs the weather is cooling  down here in Bangalore (I can only imagine how Delhi is)  and I’ve finally got an excuse to wear those snuggly sweaters and sweatshirts. However there is no better time than winter to sport playful bursts of color in the form of a bright beret that will certainly stand out against the drab sea of winter greys.

My post on how to get great deals on eBay is long over due, but here is one thing that I bought for a mere $2.5 from eBay and as its so cheap, I have bought many of them in diverse colors for the coming winter. So here are 5 ways you can style a Beret 🙂

Beret & Bangs 
Show off your fringe by slightly pushing your beret  back
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Beret & Side-Swept Hair
This super casual look is simple with longer lengths, but can easily be worn on short-to-medium length hair
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Beret & Braid
This is the perfect weekend hairstyle for when you’re running around doing chores (or shopping)
How to style a beret

Beret & Tucked-In Hair 
And for those bad hair days, you can never go wrong by just covering up completely with a beret
How to style winter hats

Beret & PonyTail 
High ponytail is not recommended but a low pony-tail will  just hang right under your beret
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    All Images: Pinterest

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