Istanbul Street Photography8

Taking a Stroll in Istanbul

There are various kinds of vacations. Beachy Thailand vacations, historic Rome type vacations, modern Vegas type vacations. Then of course is the walking city vacation. Some cities have reputations to be great places to explore on foot. London, Amsterdam and New York are some of them.

And then there is Istanbul. I can only call it the Walk through a city of civilizations and old war charm type vacation. This city deserves to be seen from the perspective of the slow pedestrian. Below are some pictures of my stroll through Istanbul (ok ok many strolls) the sights and sounds of any great city can barely be captured through a small set of images, but what we can try is to give a simple glimpse, an appetizer, to convince you to go over there for the main course. 🙂


Istanbul Street Photography17Ritu Kumar | Manvi -2Ritu Kumar | Manvi -7Istanbul Street Photography29Istanbul Street Photography31Istanbul Street Photography28Ritu Kumar | Manvi -3Istanbul Street Photography30Istanbul Street Photography27Istanbul Street Photography24Istanbul Street Photography25Istanbul Street Photography19Istanbul Street Photography18Istanbul Street Photography16Istanbul Street Photography15Istanbul Street Photography14Ritu Kumar | Manvi -11Istanbul Street Photography13Ritu Kumar | Manvi -1Istanbul Street Photography12Istanbul Street Photography11Istanbul Street Photography8Istanbul Street Photography9Istanbul Street Photography2Istanbul Street Photography4Istanbul Street Photography10Ritu Kumar | Manvi -12Istanbul Street Photography6Istanbul Street Photography7Ritu Kumar | Manvi -9Istanbul Street Photography21Istanbul Street Photography5Istanbul Street Photography3Istanbul Street Photography1Ritu Kumar | Manvi -4

Outfit: Label by Ritu Kumar
Rings: Forever21
Shoes: Street Style Store
Sunglasses: Aldo

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