Just because its valentine’s day doesn’t mean that it’s the only day you express your love. Having said that, why miss any chance to show your special one how much you love him/her??

So here is an easy DIY to gift  your boo this valentine’s day- LOVE COUPONS!

You know your person more than anyone, so make a list of things you would like to put in the coupons. In case you can’t think of what to write inside your coupons, check out this LINK for some ideas. DONE? Let’s get started!

Design Paper – You can buy it from any stationery shop or STAPLES.
Pair of Scissors
Glass Vial
Metal Split Ring

How to make Love coupons

1. Cut strips of design paper and write your coupon details on it. I would recommend you write it yourself to give that personal touch. Add a pretty sticker to it!
Beautiful Love coupons

2. Roll up your pretty coupon and put a metal ring around it.
Love coupons style inked

3. You can make as many coupons as you wish

4. Take them all and place it into the glass bottle.
DIY Love coupons

5. You can add a sticker on the bottle or write a note. Its optional 🙂

Love Coupons in a bottle

A fun gift idea, anyone would be lucky to receive!

DIY Love coupons in a bottle

DIY Love Coupons- At a Glance
DIY Love coupons collage