In Love With Wood Jewelry

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about wood jewelry in all its forms.

Wood Jewelry Style Inked Style trends are pointing to more natural materials, specifically wood for making earrings, bangle bracelets and necklaces. But this post is not about any trend! During my recent visit to Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, I stumbled upon these gorgeous wooden pieces which I feel are as much pieces of art as they are jewelry. Would you believe if I said they were for Rs.50 each??? While the low price did catch my eye it got me thinking (I am sure you are thinking what is wrong with her?) Don’t you think wood as a material does not get its due place?  When I picked these pieces, I found them as gorgeous as other jewelry made of precious stones but sadly enough wood is not at the same place. There are some obvious reasons for this, precious stones are by definition precious and metals are crafted into beautiful pieces. But the difficulties associated with wood, their common availability and tendency to be hard to work with add a particular dimension that I believe invites creative ways of expressing in this medium. Bracelets Style  Inked Wood Bracelets Style Inked Wood Pendant Style Inked Wood Ring Style Inked   I have no idea who made these pieces I bought but I have sudden respect for the artisans who use nature & wood as their inspiration. The grain of wood gives the jewelry a character that only nature can offer.  Bridging the gap between the mountains and the shopping malls by making pieces of wearable art made from a natural material is quite fascinating.   Wood you wear one?сайт