Luxury Find: Reebonz

Do you regard your bag as a what-choice-do-I-have and CARRY it, or do you feel it is a true accessory and WEAR it?

I often wonder in which category I fall. Sometimes I feel lazy to move my stuff from one bag to the other and just carry the last bag that I used. I always have so much stuff that I could never go without one. It’s a necessity, but I try to pick the ones that are fun wearing. A small effort to transfer stuff to the right bag goes a long way. 🙂

At StyleInked I have emphasised practical, affordable and sensible fashion. Maybe its the heat of the summer or maybe the new year ( Hey!March is still early in the year!!) So, I decided to review both a luxurybag and luxury e-commerce site.

Reebonz is an e-commerce site that is making luxury accessible in over 7 countries and have a great collection of designer shoes, bags & accessories. They have over 500 brands including Prada, Burberry, Chloe , Miu Miu to name a few and the good  news is that they just entered India.  As I am total bag lover, first thing I did was checked out their designer bag collection . It was difficult to pick one, I took some time  but then decided on this Black Givenchy Lucrezia Satchel.

The bag came in a beautiful black box with dust bag, original tag, and authenticity card. The best part is that Reebonz  promises to take care of the shipping and import duties which can be a real pain. They have tied up with over 50 global boutiques, and offer the widest range of luxury I have seen in India and they keep adding new products and their products & events keep changing, so one needs to grab it before it is gone.You can shop from their website or use their  mobile app. I totally enjoy flipping through their app and looking at all those gorgeous products and sometimes even plan what I’d wear with them if I owned one. Can be a stress buster you see 😀

With such variety and service , I wouldn’t be surprised to see Reebonz  becoming  the go-to online retailer of designer brands in India addressing the growing demand for aspirational fashion 🙂

Back to the Handbag ladies!

I picked this understated black handbag also because it fits snugly under your arm due to its curved sides. It is expensive and simultaneously quite practical.The removable cross body strap is an extra bonus – making it the perfect size to take out somewhere nice using just the top handle!

You may fall in love with a certain bag but then that may not be the best bag for you. Choosing the right bag is extremely important. While everyone has their own check points. To me the factors I keep in mind are:

1. Versatility: It should be versatile and you should be able to pair it with many permutation of outfits.

2. Size: While tiny as well as oversized bags may be in vogue. But you will end up using them lesser. So pick the right size.

3. Color: Solid neutral colours like black, white, navy and nude are safe bets, but if this is your 5th designer bag, then absolutely go for patterns and prints instead.

4. Minimal Hardware: The incredible looking handbags with elaborate hardware and intricate details may be eye-catching but when it comes to hardware less is more. you would never want to be out and have a stud fall off or a chain detach from your bag.

5. No Large logos : Large logos shout for attention. Subtlety is always chicer and it will stand the test of time.

Here is how I “wore” this bag with floral culottes for a summer brunch . 🙂 Hope you like it

IMG_4667 IMG_4715 IMG_4742  IMG_4812 IMG_4798IMG_4835 IMG_4840 IMG_4873 IMG_4707 IMG_4729 IMG_4837

::Outfit Details::
Culottes: H&M
Top: Chemistry
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Givenchy| Reebonz
Necklace: MayaBazaar

Photography by Namrata Naik

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