Office “Western” Wardrobe Essentials

It’s official: Anyone can have a great work wardrobe irrespective of how many zeroes they have in their salary.
Here is a list of 10 essential items that a professional woman should have in her closet.  This will help you decide what you really need to build a classic yet stylish work wardrobe.

Essential # 1
 White button down Shirt

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# The white shirt has to be well-fitted, crisp and ironed
# Do not wear a white shirt with a non white inner-wear
# It goes well with shades of grey, blue and brown and almost all pastel tones
# Wear it with pencil skirts, trousers and under a shift dress

Essential # 2
Formal Trousers

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# You can go for skinny dress pants or wide-legged trousers
#  Trousers/pants go well with beautiful sleeveless blouses. You can try a cardigan/blazer over the blouse for a more professional look
# Go with basic shades of  black, white, beige, gray. Avoid very bright colors like orange, yellow etc. A pair of black pants is a must as they are extremely flattering
# Make sure the trousers/pants are high enough on the waist as it would be inappropriate to show the skin in the office
# While shopping for one, beware that no pocket lining shows through and no gaping pocket openings when you sit down

Essential # 3
Classic Black pumps

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# They go well with everything – Skirts, trousers & shift dresses
# Select the length of the heels depending on your comfort level
# They go well with office wear as well as party wear

Essential # 4
Neutral Cardigan

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# Cardigan works best for those chilly days when you don’t want to go with a blazer
# Wear a cardigan over a blouse or a dress with sleeves slightly pushed up
# Add a skinny belt over the cardigan to give an illusion of an hourglass figure

Essential # 5
Feminine Blouse

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# Ensure that blouses don’t show between buttonholes
# They work best both tucked in or otherwise
# Go for softer feminine colors like ice blue, lilac, soft pink and ivory. You can also play will slightly loud colors sometimes

Essential # 6
Pencil Skirt

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# Make sure it fits you well. Make sure it’s not to tight on the waist but holds you in
# Accessorize your pencil skirt with a waist-belt, scarf or statement necklace
# Plain pencil skirt and a silk blouse is a great combination to wear to office

Essential # 7
Leather Bag

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# Leather bag helps you keep your stuff and yet make you  look chic and fashionable
# Go for black or brown as they work best with all outfits

Essential # 8
Black Blazer

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#A classic black blazer can be worn with skirt, dresses & trousers
# Wear it with high-rise bottoms to add definition to the waist and over all look

Essential # 9
Shift Dress

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#  Shift dresses should be worn with heels
# You can experiment with a lot of colors when it comes to shift dresses
# Wear a blazer/cardigan when you want to dress up a little

Essential # 10
3 Basic Accessories

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# Scarf: Scarfs work best with the blazers and on pencil skirts
#Neutral Belt:
A neutral belt adds a chic factor to your look and helps you in styling your outfits
#Classy Watch:
Make sure you have a nice silver/leather watch to go with your work outfitsсумка для макбук эйр 13

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