Summer Special: Make your own Aloe Vera Gel

Beauty tipsIt’s funny how we find it convenient to just head to a cosmetic store and pay money for chemical based products while the best natural skin care ingredient actually grows in our backyard.

The secret is in the transparent, juicy substance contained in the thick leaves of Aloe Vera, the Aloe Vera Gel.

  • If you have severe acne, dry skin or any kind of skin conditions, Aloe vera gel gives instant relief
  • Suitable for all skin types, from very sensitive dry skin to oily skin
  • Applying the gel on your skin and face prior to application of make-up can prevent your skin from drying

So lets see how you can make fresh Aloe Vera gel from the plant
how to make fresh  aloe vera gel
Step 1: Pick a nice juicy leaf from the inside of the plant and break it
Step 2: Let the yellow liquid come out totally and clean the leaf with water
Step 3: Slice the leaf into two halves and cut out the thorny side
Step 4: Scoop the gel with a spoon and put it in a clean container
Step 5 (Optional): You can also blend the gel to get consistency

Note: I like to keep it natural but you can also add Powdered vitamin C – 500 mg for every 1/4 cup Aloe Vera leaf & 400 IU vitamin E for every 1/4 cup Aloe Vera leaf (contents of 1 – 2 capsules)

Use the gel every morning & night and you will see a glow in your face!

Want to experience the marvels of Aloe Vera? Grow the plant in your backyard 🙂интернет магазин продвижение