Falguni & Shane Peacock Collection

When Falguni & Shane Peacock went Robotic

 Indian embellishments on western silhouettes with a global appeal, no one does it better than the Peacock duo. I saw their edgy yet feminine 2014 collection during the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour and  it was impossible not to be awed by their intensely elaborate clothes. Right from the fabrics, the crafting of feathers and beads , the layers of over-embroidered work,  down to the delicate … Continue reading When Falguni & Shane Peacock went Robotic

Breast Awareness Month Pink Fashion Illustration pic

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I like the color pink all year long and  this month being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the color’s taken on a whole new meaning. Reading up the various news articles about Breast Cancer i found some startling facts. Did you know?? One in twenty-eight women in India suffers from Breast Cancer. As there are lot of factors that can cause Breast Cancer , few things that … Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Cardigan Illustration

The Complete Cardigan Guide

Remember the  cozy feeling when you slip into your favorite comfy Cardigan? As the temperatures outside in those nasty streets and inside offices have no correlation, a Cardigan is your best pick for the temp change you undergo from commute to cubicle.  As I wore my red cardigan to work recently, I realized how it not only kept me warm but also acted as a … Continue reading The Complete Cardigan Guide