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A weekend at The Serai and some stunningly talented bloggers

When I got invited by The Serai for the Women’s Day weekend get-away at their Chikmagalur resort with some lovely bloggers from Bangalore, I just could not resist this tempting offer. To me it sounded like a perfect way to escape the hustle & bustle of Bangalore and explore a new place with new people.

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We took around 5 hours to reach Chikmagalur and as soon as I stepped into The Serai , it felt as though I was in the lap of luxury. It’s beautiful how the place is so close to nature yet has the best facilities one can ask for. We were put in a tastefully built stand-alone villa with a private pool and surrounded by greenery. We did a lot in 3 days from chocolate making, tractor rides, brewing our own coffee, cycling and an amazing pool-side dinner with the lovely and smart bloggers. My favorite indulgence was at the OMA Spa at the resort, one spa treatment and you just forget about all the little things that worry us now & then.

It was amazing how meals with my fellow bloggers lasted for a couple of hours as we all had so much to speak to each other.  So a big THANKS to The Serai for bringing us all together in such a beautiful way. Special thanks to Rohita , Deepika & Ashitha for this amazing experience.  It’s definitely a holiday I will remember.

Bangalore Women Bloggers
From L to R (R1) : Alicia Souza, Imsu, Swapna
(R2) Ankita , Me, Tanisha
(R3) Faiza, Margaret, Smrithi

And about the lovely ladies I met, it will be a crime if I did not share their awesome work with  you. So introducing these beautiful bloggers I met to all you guys so that you show them some love for the remarkable work they do.

Smrithi Rao :  Don’t we  all feel that fashion is about getting new stuff in and getting rid of the old stuff? It turns out that fashion is about newness, fashion is about the latest trends. But most often than not, old stuff in itself is fashionable (Vintage-y) .So what qualifies to be Vintage, just because something is old? Have such questions? Follow Smrithi’s blog Vintage Obsession where she talks about her travel to different places like Sri Lanka, Pushkar Ahmedabad and how she tweaks out and searches for what’s old, vintage-y and fashionable.

Imsu Pathisala : In a glance I liked Imsu when I first met her at Serai. Her blog is great both for the gorgeous selection of the clothes she wears and for the simple way in which she presents them. It is a good blog to bookmark if you want fresh ideas on how to casually dress-up.

Faiza Sheikh: As a regular reader of my blog would know, I have twin passion for fashion & photography. It was amazing to find someone else like that at SERAI who happens to be Faiza. Some of her snaps  of fashion photography are absolutely stunning, check them out here . She seems to have an eye to capture the essence of fashion more than just texture, clothes & colors. It was awesome having conversations with her on Photography and life in general. Check out her site & blog.

Alicia Souza: I’m not sure what is crazy whether its Alicia or her extremely cute cartoons. But yes, they both are really crazy. Alicia’s preferences in life are dogs, cartooning and chocolates, I think in that order. Her cartoons are witty and extremely extremely funny. What I love most about her is the personal touch which is very conspicuous in all her work. You can find her work in the form of magnets, mugs, t-shirts, etc  sold in the kitschiest flea markets of India. She blogs here.

Ankita: She is the first travel blogger I ever met. She travels a lot! and her take on places she has visited  is quite intriguing. Her blog is  called  I would recommend you totally check out her blog’s different perspective on travel. I personally liked how she covered the Maldives. She travels for a living, how cool is that???

I have to make a special mention of  Tanisha, Margret & Swapna who are so different but share a common passion amongst themselves. They all love food and blog about it.  If was so interesting to catch them talking to chef about the recipes and  how in spite of being extremely hungry they would not jump on the food without clicking a few pictures of it. Being around them definitely increased my food vocabulary and understanding. Do check out their blogs for recipes, restaurant reviews and all things yummy.
Their blog links:
Tanisha-  Fudge Together 
Swapna- Food For Swaps
Margaret- Margaret’s Home

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