DIY Wire Necklace

Joy is finding a beautiful something and using it for something it was not meant for. Like this gorgeous pendant that I found in the heap of ethnic buttons.  The moment ...

In Love With Wood Jewelry

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about wood jewelry in all its forms. Style trends are pointing to more natural materials, specifically wood for making earrings, bangle bracelets and necklaces. ...

Behind the scenes

Being a fashion blogger & photographer , I do get invited to a lot of Fashion weeks and its always interesting to see how the designers come up with something ...


If you’ve not done these 5 things in Commercial Street, Well…

So often my response to the question, ‘where did you find that?’ ...


Here is an old work of mine, a painting-poem combo.  Hope you ...

Healthy bites: Watermelon Egg & Basil Salad

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you something a little different. ...

Latest News

Trend Alert: Delicate Rings

I have always been a ring person and I still remember how as a kid I would make rings out of the chocolate wrapper foils. And now when there are enough and more options out there, my love for rings  has only increased. You may have noticed lately that though chunky necklaces and earrings are […]

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How to stay informed in this mad mad world!

I’m excited to launch my own curated magazine “Style & the Senses”. A collection of immediately useful fashion tips and information (and the occasional quirky article). I read a lot on fashion, a lot! I read the blogs of Fashionistas, Fashion magazines, the work of Fashion journalists and follow the movers and shakers of Twitter. […]

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Trend Alert : White Nails

The white nail trend is definitely taking over. I have been eyeing the white colored nails on celebrities like Rihanna, J Lo  and on Pinterest boards for quite some time but have not gotten around to doing it myself. This weekend  I could FINALLY get my hands on some white nail polish (topped with a […]

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Elements of a Classic Wardrobe

There’s a reason classics are, well, classic, right? Some trends come and go, but there are certain fashion items that will never go out of style, these items are created over and over again by many designers and high street labels. Can you imagine a world without your trusty blue denims, worn-in white tee, go-to nude flats and […]

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Gold French Manicure

Are you partial to the classic, clean french manicure composed of pale pink and white or would you like to try something new ?  While I keep experimenting  with colors and nail art, I have never tried the white and gold combo before. This might be one of the simplest manicures ever but I had to share! Painting […]

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Holii A/W14 Collection

  When buying a handbag what is the most important criteria you keep in mind? While we all want to have a bag that is practical, it does not mean that it has to be boring. For me, whether it’s a tote, a clutch, or a slouch shoulder bag, I want a classic shape. Something […]

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And you thought shoes were…

News Flash:  Those pretty round-toed flats that you have been wearing for few years are now dead. Yes! The same ones which have a bow on the front! While we observe 2 minutes’ silence for them, what next you may ask? Well it’s the pointed toe flats. So honest confession, I love heels, sure they […]

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Beating the heat in Singapore

  If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I was in Singapore last week. And boy, the days flew like magic. From going on the Mummy ride a zillion times in Universal Studios to watching the beautiful jelly fish move with panache in SEA Aquarium  to buying a shoe for $3  (Oh yes! […]

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Arrow Woman SS’14 Collection

We all are so comfortable with the brands we go to and in the process forget to explore new stuff! I am generally very open to trying new things and hence do not miss an opportunity to delve into new brands,collections or style of clothes. I have to confess that in the past I had  only bought formal […]

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