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5 Ways to Mix Checks & Stripes

All of us want to be fashion-forward, but more often than not, we stay within our comfort zone and play it safe when it comes to our wardrobe choices. In ...

French Connection FCUK editorial-4

Fashion Editorial : French Connection

With French Connection, you can easily tell that their clothing is beautifully, simplistically chic. It makes you  want to be that girl. The kind who is sophisticated and fun loving, enjoys ...

Fashion Editorial | Manvi Gandotra a

Black Magic Woman

I am extremely thrilled to introduce you to  “Black Magic Woman”, the first Fashion Editorial I have shot for Style Inked. This new segment on the blog is my way ...


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Off Beat Holiday in Wayanad

I’ve been a little MIA but that is because I have had ...
Marsala Color of the year

5 Reasons to Wear Marsala

The biggest experts at Pantone declared Marsala to be the official ‘color ...

These Sandals

As the weather is warming up, its time to get a springy ...

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Trend Alert: Delicate Rings

I have always been a ring person and I still remember how as a kid I would make rings out of the chocolate wrapper foils. And now when there are enough and more options out there, my love for rings  has only increased. You may have noticed lately that though chunky necklaces and earrings are […]

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How to stay informed in this mad mad world!

I’m excited to launch my own curated magazine “Style & the Senses”. A collection of immediately useful fashion tips and information (and the occasional quirky article). I read a lot on fashion, a lot! I read the blogs of Fashionistas, Fashion magazines, the work of Fashion journalists and follow the movers and shakers of Twitter. […]

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White Nails Trend

Trend Alert : White Nails

The white nail trend is definitely taking over. I have been eyeing the white colored nails on celebrities like Rihanna, J Lo  and on Pinterest boards for quite some time but have not gotten around to doing it myself. This weekend  I could FINALLY get my hands on some white nail polish (topped with a […]

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9 Items under Rs 1000

проверка оптимизации сайта

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The Art Of Block Printing

Block-printed fabrics are not new to us, and nowadays you see them popping up in everything from fashion weeks , home decor  to DIY projects on Pinterest. I love block-printed fabrics because there is perfection in those imperfect prints. The process of block printing takes a great deal of patience, apart from the high degree […]

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Overcoat Style Inked

Is Your Warm Coat Cool Enough?

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to uncover the secret to always looking put together , which reminds me that the next season of Sherlock is only coming out in 2016- sad! Lets leave that for some other time. Currently I am in Jammu for  2 weeks and that means I no longer have to […]

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The Beauty of Capturing Moments

Easy access to photography has led to a reduction in long-term memory keeping. Now let me explain this to you in detail. With the sudden selfie craze and cameras getting better in our phones, it is easier than ever to capture the very important and even not-so important moments of our travel or life in […]

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DIY Necklace  Style Inked

DIY Wire Necklace

Joy is finding a beautiful something and using it for something it was not meant for. Like this gorgeous pendant that I found in the heap of ethnic buttons.  The moment I saw it I knew its potential as a pendant rather than just another kurta button. So if you have a pretty button, earring, pendant that […]

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In Love With Wood Jewelry

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about wood jewelry in all its forms. Style trends are pointing to more natural materials, specifically wood for making earrings, bangle bracelets and necklaces. But this post is not about any trend! During my recent visit to Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, I stumbled upon these gorgeous wooden pieces which […]

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Behind the scene of Fashion Show (2)

Behind the scenes

Being a fashion blogger & photographer , I do get invited to a lot of Fashion weeks and its always interesting to see how the designers come up with something new every season and how models parade in systematically and calmly down the runway without a glitch, but behind the scenes it’s a whole different […]

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If you’ve not done these 5 things in Commercial Street, Well…

So often my response to the question, ‘where did you find that?’ has been ‘at the Commercial Street, Bangalore!’ Whether you are just browsing for inspiration or looking for a fabulous dress for less, you will find that Commercial Street has lanes of style to tempt you. I totally enjoy the thrill of the hunt, […]

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Painting  Manvi Gandotra


Here is an old work of mine, a painting-poem combo.  Hope you guys like it Neither a princess nor just an ordinary one She was placed in the vastness somewhere between Her mind consumed the meals of her meagre thoughts Nothingness inside she tried to clean Drowned in the void of the explanation She was […]

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Watermelon Basil Feta Recipe

Healthy bites: Watermelon Egg & Basil Salad

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you something a little different. Making one simple change to your diet – adding a salad almost every day – can give you plenty of health benefits. If you need quick bites every now and then, and you reach out to the chips and unhealthy snacks. This quick […]

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