Recently I shot the spectacular festive collection of Madsam Tinzin, a beautiful brand known for their craftsmenship expressed through their interplay of silk fabrics in flattering silhouettes. I was enchanted with the delicate thread and bead embroidery , pastel hues , breezy fabrics  that created such vibrant works of beauty as a window into a charming world.

Every piece transported me to a different place and time.  The thought of natural beauty stuck to me and I let images flood my mind and take me into an afternoon reverie. I became engrossed with the idea of a  courtyard, untamed beauty, a young girl with iridescent paper-like skin dreaming of all to come in life lost in her thoughts as she whiles away the afternoon. An innate beauty nestled in a courtyard of bouquet of memories.  We watch her, with all the luxury of time, living in a world of splendor with the gentle breeze that sweeps through kissing her cheeks and carrying her thoughts away. Her dress that seem to float off her delicate skin and glitter in the warm, late afternoon light.

“…twirling in the courtyard
in the solitude of nothingness
feeling the flowing water of life 
listening to the  singing kite… “

img_6349 img_6141 img_2684img_6283 img_6061 img_5904 img_6395
img_5606 img_5598 img_5588


Wardrobe Courtesy: Madsam Tinzin 
Model: Nicole Padival
Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: Swati Basanwal
Photography, Editing & Stylist: Manvi Gandotra
Location Courtesy: Shibravyi

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