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5 Ways to Mix Checks & Stripes

All of us want to be fashion-forward, but more often than not, we stay within our comfort zone and play it safe when it comes to our wardrobe choices.

In fashion, there are these so called “rules”  which overrule what we wear most of the times.But the real fun is in breaking  these rules. One of my favorite fashion rule to break involves mixing patterns. And yes, one of the most prevalent and most hated of those are the checks & stripes  mix. Though I agree that wearing stripes and checks together can be tricky sometimes, but its a great way to add a  dimension, texture, and visual interest to whatever you’re wearing.  Mixing these two patterns will give you a chance to make your clothing more personal and stand out. If done correctly, the two patterns look absolutely AMAZING together!

Hence the importance of mixing patterns. Here is how I created this look by wearing a check dress with a striped shirt and completed my outfit by adding a plain black color  sling bag with brogues.To make the checks and stripes mixing extra easy on this one, I’ve kept with the common palette of black and white. A combo I can’t seem to get enough of.

So here are some tips on how to pull them off this season.

1. Match Palette, not pattern
If the colors look good together, more often than not the patterns will gel well. Also you can never go wrong with black and white, so start with that 🙂

2. Add a Patterned Accessory 
If mixing two main pieces seem tricky , you can always add one of the patterns  by just adding an accessory (like a scarf). This will allow you to try this trend if you are having jitters about the boldness of two prints.

3. Spread your patterns out across your outfit
It’s not that you can’t wear a stripped blazer over a check shirt. You totally  can. But if you feel like your outfit is getting a little busy, try distributing your prints more evenly by doing one on the top and one on the bottom.

4. Break up the look with solids.
You can also just layer in some solid-colored clothes and accessories to calm things down and ground your look.

5. Keep it similar
This is no rule but its safer to keep the size of the stripes & checks around the same size. which means, big stripes with big checks and vice versa.



Here is how I tried to mix the two 🙂




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::Outfit Details::

Dress: New Look 
Shirt Dress: New Look
Shoes: ZARA
Cuff : Promod
Bag: Forever21

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