Hundred Hands Echibition-2

A Hundred Hands Exhibition

A Hundred Hands is a nonprofit trust whose mission is to help those directly involved in the creation of handmade art, crafts and homemade foods, to earn a fair and sustainable livelihood from their work. I was lucky to be a part of their latest “Monsoon Collective” which is currently being held in NIFT, Bangalore from 6-9th August.

The event is a blend of over 40 artisans and groups from across the country showcasing products across categories. Working with diverse mediums like paper, glass, banana fibre, vegetable dyes,  bamboo, ahimsa silk, lacquer, macramé, terracotta and many more.It was a fun evening interacting with these artists and learnt a lot but more importantly shopped a lot 🙂

It is not a very huge exhibition but totally worth attending. Here is a sneak peak of how fun it is 🙂

Hundred Hands Echibition-6

Hundred Hands Echibition-2 Hundred Hands Echibition-3  Hundred Hands Echibition-7 Hundred Hands Echibition-8 Hundred Hands Echibition-9 Hundred Hands Echibition-11 Hundred Hands Echibition-12 Hundred Hands Echibition-13 Hundred Hands Echibition-14 Hundred Hands Echibition-15 Hundred Hands Echibition-16

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