DIY Tassel Necklace

I love the whimsy yet classic essence that a tassel brings to any outfit, whether it is on the end of a belt, a scarf or a necklace, making them an easy-to-wear accent that everyone can delight in!

Whether they’re dangling from a necklace or hanging from your ears, one of the easiest ways to incorporate tassels into your look is with jewelry.

So here is a very simple DIY on how to make a tassel necklace, so get ready to add a little bit of playfulness in your look.

DIY Tassel Necklace

How to make Tassels DIY


What do you need?

  • Anchor threads
  • A cardboard or something to wrap the thread on
  • A bit of glue
  • Scissors
  • Pliers if you plan to make chain from scratch
  • Needle & Thread


  1. Take the cardboard and wrap the anchor thread around it
  2. Insert your scissors into the loop and carefully cut the thread from both sides
  3. Lay your cut out strings flat and tie a thread around the middle
  4. Pull the middle string and fold the rest into half
  5. Hold the top of the tassel and wrap the thread around it tight and make sure the tassel is secured
  6. Tie a knot , cut the extra thread  and also cut the middle thread
  7. Once your tassel is ready, take a chain and put the tassel inside it as a pendant
  8. VOILA! Your Tassel Necklace is ready!


  1. Make sure you wrap enough thread to have a full tassel
  2. Trim the ends of the tassel to make sure they are even
  3. To help put the tassel in the chain easily, you can use needle and thread and tie it to one end of the chain and then insert the tassel


Colorful Tassel Necklaces DIY

Red Tassel Necklace

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