Wearing My Own- Polka Dots Blazer




As a conscientious, thoughtful shopper , I like to buy one piece that will last longer instead of 20 pieces that’ll last a season. In that vein, the one thing that  gets me thinking long-term is the ability to make something of my own. And ofcourse it helps that my mom’s got a workshop where I can get my designs made into a beautiful piece and have the freedom to get as much  customization as I want.

Continuing the “Wearing My own” series (Previous Post) , I decided to show you this polka dots blazer I designed a few months back. On one of my visits to Delhi , I came across this white & block polka dots fabric and I immediately bought it without a second thought to make one of the most important pieces in any woman’s closet—the blazer.A blazer is a 9-to-5 essential but, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t feel stuffy so I decided to give it a fun and merry look with this polka dots fabric. Polka dots are downright merry. Aren’t they?

I went for a comfy fit with no buttons and black fabric folded  sleeves cover-up. I have teamed it up with  black top and black linen wide pants. So you can choose an eye-popping floral pattern or mix things up with a flattering crop, to make your own seriously cool, non-boring blazers that will top off your workwear in style 🙂






::Outfit Details::

Polka Dots Blazer :
Self Designed
Top: Mango
Necklace: Forver21
Pants : Self Designed
Shoes: Zara

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