Brand Find: Zaful

Being a photographer I’m always on a look out for great locations, backgrounds that I can use for my shoot. And the more I look around , the more I realise how less I have seen Bangalore.  Lets be honest, most of our time goes into commuting to work and back and very little do we know about the pretty corners of our city. All we need to do is stroll about with our eyes open and that is exactly what I am currently doing. Making it a point to just head out and explore different areas of Bangalore and there is a thrill in wandering on not-so-empty streets with no destination. Sharing some pictures with you of one such walk.

And if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am also exploring a lot of Online websites.
Admit it: We are  always  in need of some fresh, new shopping destinations  — especially when we’ve likely spent way too much time going through Zara, Forever21 & H&M collections over and over again.While the Forever 21s and H&Ms of the world will never let us down when it comes to affordable, on-trend pieces, there are actually a ton of other under-the-radar websites  giving us extraordinarily trendy stuff at an affordable price.There is always chance of hit or miss  regarding style and quality when you shop online.
But I have been lucky with  Zaful , where I picked this midi dress from . I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and fit of this. It fits really well and is made out of quality material. I can see myself wearing this a lot over the next couple of months.And the good thing is they provide free shipping!


img_5475 img_5464 img_5471 img_5504img_5456 img_5451img_5497 img_5442 img_5438 img_5425  img_5415 img_5412 img_5410 img_5402

Dress: Zaful | Shoes: Zara | Bangles : Levitate | Bag : Givenchy (Reebonz)
My pictures taken by Swati Basanwal

Which is your fav online shopping site? Would love to know.

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