DIY Silver Bead Ring

Wearing thin delicate rings may be the current trend but a big statement ring is my all time favourite.  You have seen so many DIY projects on my blog but this is the first time I am  making a ring and you will be surprised to know that all that wonderfulness of the ring in the picture below was achieved with just a few silver beads and  a silver wire.

Don’t believe me ? Read further to know the step by step process of how you can make one for yourself. You can use colored beads as well.
DIY Ring on Hand Fashion DIY SILVER BEAD RINGSteps to make silver bead ring

Step1: Put 4 beads in the wire
Step2: Add an extra bead(Yellow- as in the illustration) which is  the center and then take the wire and put it through the first bead
Step3: Pull the wire and you will get half flower
Step4: Put 2 more beads and string it through the bead below the center as shown
Step5: Pull the wire and your first flower is ready
Step6: Put 2 more beads and string it through the bead above the new center as shown in the figure
Step7: Pull the wire and you have 2 flowers ready now with 5 beads in common
Step8: String the wire through the next bead to get a new starting point
Step 9: Repeat Step4 till you get the desired perimeter of the ring
Step 10: Once all the beads are strung into a long chain, string the wire through the bead of the opposite  end, tie a knot and cut the wire.

You’re Ring is READY 🙂 
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