Making Your Own Handbag with Toteteca – A Review

I have to admit that I love handbags! Tote, clutches, satchel, I love ‘em all. And if you are anything like me- you want your handbags to be a perfect match to your style and like to cherry-pick them, then you will just love the concept of “Toteteca Bag Works”, an online boutique which makes custom women’s bags, allowing you to select the color, design, finish and much more! Customize your handbag

If you have been following my blog you must have noticed that I have never reviewed any product and that is simply because I only want to work with brands/projects that go well with the sensibility of Style Inked.  When  I came across “toteteca Bags”, I could instantly relate to it and understand how it is  actually  solving the problem of selection by giving the control to us to design our own bag the way we want or like. In today’s world where style is becoming so personal, it makes so much more sense to wear what works for you and not imitate everything that is  “In Fashion”

About Toteteca
Tote is a type of handbag and teca literally means library in Latin and hence Toteteca (Library of Handbags). Their bags are handmade and are designed with  best quality “faux leather”, metal fittings and trims. Well finished bags which bring out your style in the best possible way. What’s amazing is that they offer free shipping worldwide!

So coming back to how I designed my own bag, it is an extremely easy to use website and a  gallery full of styles that you can choose and customize right from the color, lining, design finishes to a personalized monogram. In no time you will spot your dream bag hiding  there somewhere.

I designed a cobalt blue mini suitcase bag which I felt was very unique and can hold a lot of lovelies inside. After I went through the easy 3 steps process on the website, I received the product within a week.  I have used this bag for over a month and it has passed all tests , hence the review 🙂 The quality of the faux-leather (Yes! I loved the fact that they only use artificial leather) is great with perfect finish and no chipping or tear offs so far. As there is a cardboard used inside so  I am not sure if I can risk this bag during monsoons!  The bag is very spacious and holds almost everything I wish to carry. Price of the bags is another thing I am happy about.  As much as we love to shop, many of us are on a budget and this bag that I picked is just priced at Rs.1900/-

IMG_5480 IMG_5515IMG_5548 IMG_5526
Shirt:  Dorothy Perkins
Pink Denims: Zara
Shoes: Bata
Bag:  Toteteca Bag

::Photographed By::
Ravi Kaushik 

Review in no way means I am arm twisting you guys to shop but its just my way of letting you guys know what amazing ideas/products exist in the market and is highly recommended 🙂

So go ahead and check out their website: Toteteca Bags

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