D.I.Y. Crop Top

I’m sure we have all been victim to our steam-iron which goes delirious and by some means burn our favorite piece of clothing now and then. Yesterday was one such day for me when I lost one major part of my top and what was  left was a blouse with a big hole.


Though it was a simple loose top but I just love the coral pink color of it. For me to part with it was kind of difficult and therefore came the idea to re-claim it.
I transformed it into a Cropped Top  in just 10 mins. Here is how I did it!

#  I cut the top real short to get rid of the burnt piece.

#  From the middle of the front side, I made parallel cuts to add an edge to it.

# Style the cropped top with colorful racerback tanks.

Steps to make a cropped top

diy crop top

If you are not like me and your midriff does not hoard cheese and chocolates inside, you can totally go for a plain cropped top with high waist skirt or shorts.
Crop Top

So if you ever burn your favorite dress  or blouse, do think of an easy DIY to make the piece wearable again!

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