One Dress, Two Ways: Max Fashion

Festive season is just around corner and its time to buy some bright color clothes ūüôā ¬†And when it comes to ethnic¬†shopping, I like to simplify the hunt by seeing how can I style the outfit pieces¬†in ¬†more than one way. Though I¬†love wearing ethnic¬†outfits , the fact of the matter is that I don’t wear them that often and hence my clothes end up … Continue reading One Dress, Two Ways: Max Fashion


How to Style Statement Necklaces

Jewellery is a huge part of my wardrobe and I find it one of the most important finishing touches to an outfit. I don’t quite like ¬†a loud outfit that makes a statement instead I like an understated comfortable outfit but then¬†I¬†always resort to beautiful accessories ¬†to spruce up an otherwise simple outfit.For the past few years, I’ve been only indulging in the ¬†daintiest of … Continue reading How to Style Statement Necklaces

Street Fashion Istanbul | Istiklal Street-7

Istanbul Street Style Photos That Prove Fall Is NOT Boring

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I was in Turkey for 2 weeks . ¬†Its a beautiful country with great history, culture, food, people and ¬†of course style! I loved the way women dressed in Istanbul. ¬†Many women, especially in the Old City, go “covered” in accord with Islam‚ÄĒbut being covered can mean anything from wearing a designer scarf, a sheer … Continue reading Istanbul Street Style Photos That Prove Fall Is NOT Boring

Picture Your Style Campaign GAP X  Manvi Gandotra-6

Filling The GAP

The good news is that Gap is opening their first store in Bangalore (Woohoo!) The brand is synonymous with simple, elegant and effortlessly comfortable style which resonates with my personal style. So when Gap asked me to be a part of their collaboration, which involved select individuals from the city incorporating two of Gap‚Äôs pieces within our wardrobe to showcase our personal style as well … Continue reading Filling The GAP


These Sandals

As the weather is warming up, its time to get a springy pedicure and slip into your comfortable sandals.¬†Walking through the summer heat is easiest with comfy arches and blister-free toes, isn‚Äôt it? (Sorry, Stilettos!) And hence the endless hunt for the perfect sandal continues every summer.¬† If you are in India and have bought anything from one of the online shopping sites, then chances … Continue reading These Sandals


If you’ve not done these 5 things in Commercial Street, Well…

So often my response to the question, ‘where did you find that?’ has been ‘at the Commercial Street, Bangalore!’ Whether you are just browsing for inspiration or looking for a fabulous dress for less, you will find that Commercial Street has lanes of style to tempt you. I totally enjoy the thrill of the hunt, unearthing a priceless necklace or buying a dress for just … Continue reading If you’ve not done these 5 things in Commercial Street, Well…

Fourseven Charm  Style Inked

Charms for the Indian Soul

Charms are fascinating! Don‚Äôt you think so? The idea of wearing an intricately detailed miniature version of the things that represent an aspect of your personality or life has always fascinated me. Sadly, the charms in India ¬†in the past have been quite limited to butterflies, stars & flowers and I have never been able to relate to them. If you see the fashion industry … Continue reading Charms for the Indian Soul