These Sandals

As the weather is warming up, its time to get a springy pedicure and slip into your comfortable sandals. Walking through the summer heat is easiest with comfy arches and blister-free toes, isn’t it? (Sorry, Stilettos!) And hence the endless hunt for the perfect sandal continues every summer. 

If you are in India and have bought anything from one of the online shopping sites, then chances are you are also getting discount alert SMSs with the frequency of about 4/day (I know, I know!)

Now that being the background , I decided to check the online stuff out and came across this pretty pair from Miss Benetton, which is mine now 🙂



I like the simplicity and the fact that if I wear them to the ground, I won’t break the bank replacing them.Its synthetic and not leather so I am happy on that front as well.

But wait a second, once I picked them up I felt I have seen the same design before… where? Well have a look at  Maria, Ancient Greek Sandals
Not Cool!!

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