These Sandals

As the weather is warming up, its time to get a springy pedicure and slip into your comfortable sandals. Walking through the summer heat is easiest with comfy arches and blister-free toes, isn’t it? (Sorry, Stilettos!) And hence the endless hunt for the perfect sandal continues every summer.  If you are in India and have bought anything from one of the online shopping sites, then chances … Continue reading These Sandals

Long pearl and gold necklace

When Art meets Gold

One can’t miss spotting Pallavi Foley’s trendy boutique if you are at Leela Palace, Bangalore.  I remember the first time I saw it; I was quite intrigued by the sculptural nature of her jewelry and found myself trying every single one of them. Thanks to a common friend, I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented Pallavi Foley at her design studio and the afternoon … Continue reading When Art meets Gold

fullshot right

Indian “Ethnic” Wardrobe Essentials

However popular western clothing gets, there is something sublimely beautiful about wearing Indian ethnic clothes. An effortless elegance. When it comes to Indian wear, it’s very important to know where you really wear these clothes.  It could be # Office # College # Weddings # For a play/music night # Just like that We’re going to build a wardrobe together to fit your lifestyle. (If you do not understand a … Continue reading Indian “Ethnic” Wardrobe Essentials