When I designed a Camera Bag

Its a long story but I am going to make it short for you guys!! 6 months back I met the lovely founders of Hydes Studio – Ramya & Hari over coffee and we discussed everything from travelling, running our own business, fashion,  coffee and HANDBAGS (Hydes Studio makes some stunning leather handbags)! And keeping your interest in mind, I am going to elaborate one part of that discussion in this post , a beautiful collaboration we did to design a camera bag 🙂  (And if you are interested in discussing  other things, we should definitely meet over coffee! )

The one thing I have learnt as a photographer is to keep your camera near you at all times; memorable moments occur when you least expect them. When I am on official shooting assignments, I carry my rugged camera bag which  is always stuffed to the gills with camera bodies, lenses, filters, flashes, reflectors, my laptop, and various other things. But its on those other times when I am out for a brunch with my friends, weekend getaway with family or just a casual day out that I like to carry my camera and maybe an extra lens only that I wish I have a bag which is both functional and stylish. I have felt very strongly that there should be a more stylish option for a camera bag and  this is when I partnered with Hydes Studio to create a camera bag that adapts to your gear and lifestyle, no matter where you go or what you’re carrying. This collaboration was so much as it combined both my love for fashion and photography. Talking about Hydes Studio- Its a  Chennai-based brand offering some really stunning genuine leather handbags. They have a plethora of options for everyone to pick from.

After a couple of back and forth on bag style, design,padded covering for the camera and  internally padded lens strap (This was a super fun part:Combining fashion and technology with creativity and style) we finalized on the below design. Here is the first look 🙂



I have been using it for a few weeks now and its been a delight. The bag not only functions as a camera bag but is chic enough to be toted around without any pictorial purpose.  There is a closed cell with padding to  keep the camera safe and outside of it is a lens strap to accommodate 2 lenses. You can remove the camera call with is attached with a velcrow  to the lining of the bag and make it your regular tote. There is a big zippered pocket where you can keep your basic stuff.

If you also carry your camera wherever you go am sure you will breathe a sigh of sartorial relief when you sport a pretty camera bag while you’re out and about documenting the world.

IMG_9144IMG_0191 IMG_9091IMG_9131IMG_9151IMG_9106IMG_9056

Dress: Self Designed | Shoes: Zara | Watch : Rado | Bag : Hydes Studio Follow them on facebook here & Instagram here
My pictures taken by Namrata Naik

Do you own a stylish camera bag? If not, I hope this post helped you in your search. And if yes, which one?? I would love to know.

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