Weekend Getaway: Shreyas Yoga Retreat

I just need to get away.
How frequently does  this thought come to you?
I love my work and there are days when I am at it for over 14 hours. I do not realise that I have just not taken any break. And this is the point where one needs  to pull away for a little break else it will start to feel like we were on a merry-go-round and  lose sight of our “why.”
After one such crazy work-week, we ( Ravi & I ) decided that we had to get away in order to take our minds off from work, traffic, bills and every thing else that consumes us. As it was just for 2 days, and we did not want to go  far we decided to try out Shreyas Yoga Retreat. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a curious newbie, a yoga getaway is a great way to refresh and rejuvenate 🙂

Shreyas Yoga Retreat is just outside of Bangalore and the drive after we got out of the main city was pleasant and was a welcome break from our regular weekends.  Shreyas Yoga Retreat was a wonderful experience and after spending 2 days  relaxing  and melting all the stress, I thought I had to share it with you guys. There is a reason why it is one of the famous yoga retreat centres in the world.

For yoga lovers its a great place as the yoga sessions are conducted by professional instructors. They first have a personal wellness consultation where they guide you on what type of yoga one needs to go for and also recommend the right   cuisine during the stay. I  started yoga when I was 10 years young, though I  have not been regular ( busy working 14 hours remember 😛 )  but I  enjoy it. Mornings at Shreyas started  with a yoga session early in the morning – at 6.30 am – followed by breakfast and meditation. The session took place in a hall open on all sides with ample sunlight and fresh air. It was refreshing .

The staff was very warm and welcoming.  They were even aware of the names and preferences of each guest and were always eager to assist.

IMG_9115 IMG_8672 IMG_8664



The organic vegetarian food we got deserves a special mention.Every meal was delightful, with a carefully planned menu incorporating Indian and Western food, from soup to dessert. Post lunch we explored the organic garden , it was very fascinating to know that most of our food was coming straight from the farm we could walk to and check out. From custard apple to mangoes and from chilies to pumpkin. They also offered a cooking session where the chef gave us a demonstration on how to cook healthy (Saatvic) food.  I was busy taking notes and it helped.

IMG_8958 IMG_8931 IMG_8926 IMG_8922 IMG_8994


We had some time to ourselves post that when we relaxed by the pool before the next yoga session that started at 4 pm. Post yoga we were on our own exploring the place. I took my camera and when on a photowalk while Ravi tried their Ayurvedic massage. It was an oil message followed by Sauna and it was a revitalising experience.


IMG_9161 IMG_9156 IMG_9153 IMG_9148 IMG_9140  IMG_9122 IMG_9121 IMG_9117 IMG_9115 IMG_9102  IMG_9089 IMG_9085 IMG_9081    IMG_9042 IMG_9033 IMG_9032
The entire retreat everyday is completely submerged in this fabulous green all around. Beyond beautiful.
IMG_9025 IMG_9011 IMG_8997  IMG_8968 IMG_8902 IMG_8897 IMG_8894 IMG_8848 IMG_8806
When I say, this place is gorgeous at every corner, I mean it.
IMG_8779 IMG_8778  IMG_8759 IMG_8774
The coherent way in which Shreyas brought together and communicated the various aspects of life; food, meditation and the environment, was amazing. The 2 days went in silent contemplation of what a contrast my hurried city life is to the slow pace of a Yoga retreat. Out lives are a series of choices, what food to eat, where to buy it from, how much work to take on and finally whom to spend our time with. A retreat is a chance to take a fresh look at all of these.

You can find more details on their Website. We found out about this property on RARE India , which has some very interesting experiences &  rare destinations listed , who knows you may find your next travel destination there 🙂

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