If you’ve not done these 5 things in Commercial Street, Well…

So often my response to the question, ‘where did you find that?’ has been ‘at the Commercial Street, Bangalore!’ Whether you are just browsing for inspiration or looking for a fabulous dress for less, you will find that Commercial Street has lanes of style to tempt you. I totally enjoy the thrill of the hunt, unearthing a priceless necklace or buying a dress for just Rs.300 and trust me, it can be one of life’s joys.

However, shopping at Commercial Street can also be tricky and, frankly, overwhelming. So I decided to take you guys on a tour with me on the blog and demystify this market to those of you who have eluded it until now. I’m sharing the GPS locations of some great shops in this post.This is hard found wisdom fellow fashionistas. Use it well. 🙂


5 Tips Before you Shop

  1. When to go: In general, the earlier you arrive, the greater the selection. Mornings are good to browse at a slower pace too. The later you go, the better the bargain as the closing time gives you a slight bargaining advantage.
  2. Cash Rules: Most shops do not accept credit cards so make sure that you have enough cash before you start shopping. Remember to carry change.
  3. Set a Budget: It’s also smart to set a budget before you hit the market, or set price limits for certain items so you don’t overspend.
  4. Bargain:Try bargaining every time you shop; you may get a great price reduction and enjoy the fun and pleasure of shopping.
  5. When you really like It: If you see an item you absolutely must have, go slow with point4. Maybe it’s worth that extra 100 bucks.

5 Shops to Watch Out

1. Silver Jewellery

Shop Name:  Sri Suryanarayan Art Jewellers

Location: Map Link

Price Point: Rs. 200 – Rs. 45,000

If you are looking for a silver lining in your jewllery box, this is the place. This shop has a great selection of mainly sterling silver pieces like rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Their collection is very ethnic yet contemporary . Every piece that I have ever bought from this shop is still much-loved. The store Is very clean, well presented but small so you need to make special effort to not miss it.  Though I feel the prices are a little towards the higher side, but it’s totally worth it for the unique designs that they have.

Manvi Gandotra Silver Bangle Silver Earrings Bangalore Commercial Street Style Inked Silver Jewellery at Commercial Street Bangalore Statement Silver Jewellery Commercial Street Bangalore


2. Kohlapuri chappals

Shop Name: Shirdi Footwear

Location : Map Link

Price Point: Rs.200-400

The traditional Kolhapuri chappals are costlier than the ones with modern designs. The variety of Kolhapuri chappals is almost endless and the cost differs according to the quality of leather used and the intricacy of designs. The quality of the chappals found on Commercial Street  is not all that great but they will last you for a couple of months easy peasy! As I love my Kohlapuri Chappals and do not have access to Kohlapur 😉 I keep picking them from this shop and dispose them off in few months. Don’t you like the one I’m wearing? It’s just for Rs.250  🙂

IMG_9904 IMG_9941 IMG_9942 IMG_9943 IMG_9945


3. Antique Pieces

Shop Name: The Qurio City Antiques Shop

Location: Map Link

Price Point: Rs.300- 15000

Who wouldn’t want the treasured things this Antique store holds. On the wide lanes of commercial street, this store will certainly catch your attention. As I am still in the phase 4 of setting up my house which involves beautifying the living room , this little store offers one of kind  vintage brass pieces that you wouldn’t think twice before buying. The Old uncle who sells these items may initially look stern but is quite open to bargaining.  The ammunition is cash, an experienced eye and some wheeling and dealing.

IMG_9955 IMG_9961 IMG_9957


4. Fashion Accessories

Shop Name: Various small shops

Location: Trust me you will find it your self 🙂

Price Point: 50-400

Fashion accessories are among the popular buys here. So for there  are umpteen small shops where you can buy pretty much everything, including earrings, rings, necklaces, belts, sunglasses & even belly rings starting from as low as Rs.50

Sometimes you don’t want to pay a high price for jewelry or various accessories. In fact, sometimes we don’t want to pay more than even 200 bucks because we know that it won’t last for long. So this is your place for guilt-free indulgence.

IMG_0010  IMG_9864 IMG_9894IMG_0011IMG_0016IMG_9862

5. Clothes 

Shop Name: Naughtee

Location: Map Link

Price Point: Rs.250- Rs.450

There couldn’t be a cheaper way to bulk buy  outfits. Every piece of clothing priced between  Rs. 300-450 this store stocks a lot of tops, skirts, dresses which are either brand rejects or export surplus. The mantra to shop here is to have patience, you need to spend crazy amount of time going through each item in order to find your steal. Whats even cooler is the fact that if what you like does not fit you well, there is a tailor inside the shop to alter it for you in 10 mins. Isn’t that cool?

Clothes shoping at commercial street IMG_9888 IMG_9892 Tailor at commercial street


Now that you know about these places what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore this wonderful street, I’ve not even mentioned the yummy street food including Bhel Puri, Lassi and Cut Mango!

Take a day off and unwind in this chaotic home of small and big finds.

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