Painting  Manvi Gandotra


Here is an old work of mine, a painting-poem combo.  Hope you guys like it 🙂

Painting Manvi Gandotra

Neither a princess nor just an ordinary one
She was placed in the vastness somewhere between
Her mind consumed the meals of her meagre thoughts
Nothingness inside she tried to clean
Drowned in the void of the explanation
She was far away from the noise of the world
World full of misery and frustration

The rain outside still disturbed her sleep and
Eyes still stretched to discover destiny endlessly
Far away her search began
Even farther was its place to end
As she was already on her way to happy liberation
Little did she really know about the salvation

I searched for her for she was not gone
Not gone too far to have not been found
A pulling power just dared a leap, a leap without bound
Hopes did astray and fall into the darkness of her own
While she peeled off all her layers, until her bone
The thoughts in her eye were deeper than anything else i could ever see
I felt the blood just rush , as there she was in front of me

I felt for her as she was special, so much special just to me
She taught me how to unwrap myself
From this hell where we were caught
Life is a test insistent upon strength i was beautifully taught
She instilled that strength that just holds on
As every day she lives, inside me from dusk till dawn.

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