A Walk Through The Old City Bazaar – Bhopal

Fashion and helping people style their looks are passions of mine, I also love the thrill of exploring the local markets of different cities and capturing em with my camera (Thank God for my day job that gives me this wonderful opportunity).

During my recent visit to Bhopal’s bustling old city market some of the street stuff caught my eye. It was an incredible experience and a lesson that fashion need not be expensive.

Bangles, Bangles and Bangles!

I have always been a fan of colorful bangles and it was fascinating to find bangles made of  glass, thread, wood etc. No prize for guessing that I picked a lot  of em:)


There was an entire shop selling only bindis. That dot on the forehead is the most beautiful expression of femininity. It made me wonder whether  the art of wearing bindi is dying  as  I don’t see it these days and also haven’t seen a dedicated shop like that in Bangalore at least.

Printed Sarees

There was something so different about these printed saree in beautiful hues of reds and blues. I guess it was their simplicity and  the fact that these were not the sarees for any fancy occasions but for everyday wear.

Embellished Brooches

The brooches were embellished with stones and were of different designs. It was amazing to see such beautiful designs at a super reasonable price, perfect to add some bling to your outfit!

Ittar (Perfume)

Locally made Ittar (Perfume) was packed in these beautiful crystal bottles. The owner of the shop thought I was a journalist and pretended to be super busy with his work just so that I could capture it. I’m happy that his efforts didn’t go in vain and all you lovely people saw “The Ittar Maker” of Bhopal 🙂

Decorated Dupatta

The dupattas were dressed with pompoms and golden Kinari. It was interesting to see both young and old thronging the shops to buy these vibrant dupattas.

The more I am visit new places , the more I realize  how each place is unique in its  own way.  Do you guys have similar bazaars in your city? Do share in the comments 🙂

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4 thoughts on “A Walk Through The Old City Bazaar – Bhopal

  1. i loved the duppattasssss with pompoms n colourful banglessss manviiiiiiiiiiii theyll surelyy add that vivdness to ur outfit along with a bindiiii !!!!!! nice picssss as always

  2. Hi Mandavi! Plan to come to Bhopal when there is a fair Either the national Handloom fair or the normal haat bazaar… u’ll find all the mroe interesting things!

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