How to Style a Tank Top

If you are looking for an edgy, feminine and yet simple style, dress up your summer tank top and you are ready to flaunt!

Tank tops are easily wearable and timeless. After reading today’s post I am sure you will be able to put together great outfits using your tank top in no extra time.

So first things first:
1. I’m not a fan of showing cleavage or bra straps.
2. Don’t worry if you have a bulging stomach, just go for one size up and you can pull off this look easily.
3. Make sure your tank is not too loose or form fitting.

Style # 1
Roll a Scarf


  1. A scarf can add style instantly to your look.
  2. Go for eye-catching patterns, bright fun colors if you have a plain tank top but in case you have a lot of details on your tank top then go for simple scarfs that compliment your tank top.
  3. You could either double tie it up around your neck or just leave it hanging depending on the length of the scarf.

Style # 2
Ace it with Necklace 


  1. Glam up your tank with a fine-looking  necklace.
  2. Being confident is the key so don’t be afraid to sport a statement necklace.
  3. It looks extremely chic with skirts, pants, and shorts.

Style # 3
Layer it up


  1. Vest: You can go for a casual vest over a simple tank for an edgy look. If you wish to experiment, try an Indian ethnic vest and make a style statement.
  2. Jacket/Blazer:  Style your tank with a cover-up jacket or blazer with its buttons open  to get the glimpse of the  tank.
  3. Cardigan: A bright color cardigan gives a sophisticated touch to your tank.
  4. Button up Shirt: A shirt with buttons open not only makes you look stylish but also thin.
  5. Tank on Tank: Layer your tank with another tank for a cool yet flirty look.

More on layering HERE

Don’t have a tank top??? You can get it from Puma, Wrangler, ELLE, Mango, Adidas, Allen solly, Urban Yoga, ZARA, Chemistry, People, Pantaloons, Westside, local bazaars etc. 🙂 

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  1. hi mam, i hv been following ur post fr a few months nw n i really enjoy them. can u please do an article on how to dress up fr a friend’s indian wedding. u know that the wedding season will start soon and indian weddings are huge affairs can u plz suggest different styles for each function?

  2. Hi Manvi, been following your blog since you started, I like your posts, all of the ideas ,clothes and fashion you portray are eminently wearable and your blog seems very friendly, you know 🙂 nice vibes unlike a few blogs I don’t connect with but still read once in a while. Nice job, please keep it up.

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