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Over-sized Trend Guide

Are you someone who loves dressing up but does not like to give away your comfort for fashion? If yes, then you will just love the Over-sized trend. This is the key to master the effortless chic look. It’s ideal for the day you’re feeling fat or just want to look artsy and effortless. There are various ways you can pull of this trend seamlessly.But today’s post … Continue reading Over-sized Trend Guide

One Multicolored Stole : Four Styles

Stoles can make the biggest statement on any outfit! They suit all kinds of occasions and a slight change in the wrapping style make for an absolutely changed look.  A splash of lot of colours makes a stole extremely stylish. A colorful stole is a great example of something that works perfectly with a variety of clothes. I think the below ensemble will give an … Continue reading One Multicolored Stole : Four Styles

Five Styling Myths That Are Holding You Back

Do you let fashion and styling myths regulate what you wear?  Fashion is less about following the rules and more about bending and interpreting them to find one’s own style. I am going to debunk 5 myths today so get ready to dig up the truth with me and throw these myths away. Source Don’t you love jewelry with the silver-gold combination?  Try mixing gold … Continue reading Five Styling Myths That Are Holding You Back

How to Have a Good Time

Girls agree that we have  NEVER had enough of anything – be it shoes, clothes, jewelry etc.  And we NEVER WILL.  Does the same apply to watches too? Watches are no more timepieces, they are fashion statements. A watch is an accessory that finishes an outfit. To complete your wardrobe, you need to have various watch styles to fit every occasion in your life. Let’s have … Continue reading How to Have a Good Time

A Walk Through The Bangle Bazaar – Hyderabad

Bangle Bazaar or the ‘Laad Bazar’ located in the branch roads of Charminar, Hyderabad is a very well-known and popular market. Just walk into one of those crowded streets and you will see colorful shops stocked with bangles of all kinds. There is a different charm in this overly busy market and it is fascinating to explore the daily life of the people there, simply by … Continue reading A Walk Through The Bangle Bazaar – Hyderabad

Office “Western” Wardrobe Essentials

It’s official: Anyone can have a great work wardrobe irrespective of how many zeroes they have in their salary. Here is a list of 10 essential items that a professional woman should have in her closet.  This will help you decide what you really need to build a classic yet stylish work wardrobe. Essential # 1  White button down Shirt Detailed information on these pieces … Continue reading Office “Western” Wardrobe Essentials