These Sandals

As the weather is warming up, its time to get a springy pedicure and slip into your comfortable sandals. Walking through the summer heat is easiest with comfy arches and blister-free toes, isn’t it? (Sorry, Stilettos!) And hence the endless hunt for the perfect sandal continues every summer.  If you are in India and have bought anything from one of the online shopping sites, then chances … Continue reading These Sandals


Try Color-Blocking today!

Enough has been said about the color blocking trend! I know we all like it but the question is have we all tried it??? In today’s post the entire outfit is designed and styled by me. Have a look at how I have matched very bold colors that certainly make for a very dynamic & confident look! Top: Style Inked Collection | Skirt: Style Inked Collection | Over-Sized … Continue reading Try Color-Blocking today!

Five Styling Myths That Are Holding You Back

Do you let fashion and styling myths regulate what you wear?  Fashion is less about following the rules and more about bending and interpreting them to find one’s own style. I am going to debunk 5 myths today so get ready to dig up the truth with me and throw these myths away. Source Don’t you love jewelry with the silver-gold combination?  Try mixing gold … Continue reading Five Styling Myths That Are Holding You Back