Sneakers Illustration

Sorry, not from Zara!

Fashion Illustration of Sneakers

When it comes to buying clothes, handbags or shoes, we not just have preferences but are emotionally attached to certain brands. If Zara is on your constant radar, you know what I am talking about. Today there is a thrill in telling people that you are wearing a Zara piece. And outside of Zara, do we care who has good stuff for a good price?
Though I am a regular at Zara, but today’s incident made me think. So when I wore my happy sneakers (Last seen HERE) for a casual Friday at work, they got a lot of attention but the question that kept popping up, “Are these from Zara?”

Well, No! So I bought these at Bata (Wondering who goes to Bata?..hmmm…Me 🙂 ) for Rs. 400, say $6. So this was one of those picks for which you pat yourself and feel proud of the smart shopper that you are.  I loved to see the look of surprise on everyone’s face and could sense that not many visit the not so “cool” stores anymore.

I believe that today as Zara has become more available to a lot of people, its turning out to be more of a status symbol. What one needs to realize is that there is more appreciation for styling your clothes and making a great ensemble rather than plugging few elements of Zara(Or Mango or… you get the point) to make your look. If Zara works for you, go for it but not because its Zara. Lot of brands are coming up with great collections and one must experiment, you never know where you will find that precise thing you have been looking for . Like I found these shoes at Bata  🙂

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Also note that the above illustration is my first attempt at fashion illustrations, so if you feel one shoe is fatter than the other – Ignore 😛 . You can expect more fashion illustrations in the coming posts.