Happy New Year

The promise of a new year is a tantalising mix of possibility, and big dreams.  After spending last one week with family and friends , partying, it feels good to welcome 2017 and make audacious plans, and explore what’s out there on our horizons. Yes, I am excited about this new year. And with every new year there are new  goals to accomplish. 2016 was a great year! I inched closer . My company, 1Plus1 Studio (Offering wedding photography & Videography) did quite well and I am looking forward to taking it to newer heights  this year. I saw a new country and travelled quite a lot within India. It was amazing to see a feature on myself in Jammu Local News (Well I am from Jammu)With lot more travel coming up in this year, I wish to blog a lot more about my travels as well as personal style, fashion and photography.

Wishing you all a very happy new year, may 2017 be your best one yet!!

Less is more, simple is sublime: My mantra for 2017 . And here is a quick set of images depicting my current state of mind , featuring this geometric print dress from Zaful🙂
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Dress: Zaful | Shoes: Forever21 | 

All photographs taken by me!

What are your 2017 Goals? Anything interesting? Would love to know
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