Colored Safety Pins

D.I.Y. Colored Safety Pins

The Safety pin is a humble knight in shining armor! It can replace a missing button on your shirt, fight a falling hem of your dress, tighten your shoulder straps or hold your skirt around your waist. Safety Pins are a simple last-minute fashion-fix to evade wardrobe embarrassment or unwanted peek-a-boos. We are constantly trying to ensure that the safety pins are not visible. Why … Continue reading D.I.Y. Colored Safety Pins

oversized sweater

Over-sized Trend Guide

Are you someone who loves dressing up but does not like to give away your comfort for fashion? If yes, then you will just love the Over-sized trend. This is the key to master the effortless chic look. It’s ideal for the day you’re feeling fat or just want to look artsy and effortless. There are various ways you can pull of this trend seamlessly.But today’s post … Continue reading Over-sized Trend Guide