Earrings style guide

Matching your earrings and your dress does not involve rocket science. And yet simply knowing that certain shapes and designs of earrings complement one style more than the other can make a difference. Lets have a go at it… Face Shape: Studs go best with diamond, oval and long faces. Heart-shaped & square faced fashionistas¬†should avoid studs as it can create a chubbier appearance around … Continue reading Earrings style guide

CONTEST – What’s on your ears?

So on a slow Friday afternoon I thought why not have a quick contest to see the latest trends in the world of earrings. So here we go… What you need to do? Submit one pic of yourself or any model(read best friend, mom, grand mom, sister, grand niece, cousin of neighbor) wearing some funky/beautiful/elegant/stylish earrings. What kind of picture? A mobile snap, an instagram … Continue reading CONTEST – What’s on your ears?