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Delicate Rings Knuckle Rings

I have always been a ring person and I still remember how as a kid I would make rings out of the chocolate wrapper foils. And now when there are enough and more options out there, my love for rings  has only increased.

You may have noticed lately that though chunky necklaces and earrings are still trending in the fashion world, the rings have gone delicate. Delicate, dainty rings are everywhere right now and I am so in love with this trend as it catches ones attention without screaming “Have a look at me!”

So here is how you can try these little dainty things:
1. Stack’em Up: Stack a few rings on top of each other, Play with various textures and widths of rings for variety, or leave it simple – you’ll be amazed at how chic your hands will look.
2. Mix Metals & Shapes: Available in Sterling silver, gold and rose gold , you can play with multiple metals and shapes to make an elegant statement.
3. Over the knuckles: For a very boho style, you can wear these rings over the knuckles. You do get them in small size so if you are wondering whether they will fall off once worn, trust me If your ring is sized properly, it will sit perfectly above your knuckle with no issues.
4. Hand-Full of them: These delicate rings almost beg you to wear a lot of them at once. Try wearing a lot of them by mixing simple bands, tiny words and charms, adorning almost every finger for a subtle elegant appearance.

I am convinced that a few delicate rings when strategically placed on your fingers make for a minimalistic look that compliments your fingers without overpowering them.

Delicate Rings Trend

Stores where you can buy them from:

1. Aldo
2. Zara
3. Mango
4. Promod
5. Claire’s

If you like to shop online , then Romwe & Etsy are a good place to check out. My favourite is by Stephanie Sheehan .

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