Why Pinterest is your new best friend

Do you want to update your wardrobe & personal style? Time to use Pinterest!

Just in case you don’t know (which means you live in a cave)-  Pinterest is a fantastic visual bookmarking website that is extremely user-friendly (Or fashion friendly if I may say so).Pinterest lets you organize and share the stuff you love by letting you pin on a sharable board.  You can pin images found on the web or taken yourself, making it a visually-rich niche interest scrapbook of sorts.

Coming back to the topic that interests you and me-Fashion!

Pinterest is the perfect place for fashionistas, shopaholics, owners of a fashion brand or trendy workaholics to get inspired and organize their fashion goals.It helps that Fashion is the 3rd most common shared topic after Home and  Arts & Crafts. Also 90% of Pinterest users as of March 2012 are women!

Now why should you get on Pinterest(isn’t facebook, twitter, google+ blah blah blah enough?).

  1. Follow International trends:

Pinterest has a great range of brands, magazines, bloggers (hint: http://pinterest.com/StyleInked), fashion houses that are continuously posting new style ideas and designs. You can get great insight into what’s happening globally by following their boards.

2.   Make a Dream Wishlist:

Following a board is like following a person on Twitter or liking a Page on Facebook. You get updates every time the board has a new pin. You can create boards yourself to keep a list of these pins. For example you can create a “Summer Style Ideas” board, to document trends you would want to try in summers or create a board called “Wishlist” to simply pin stuff you can’t find or afford for now but would like to someday. There are tons of boards on fashion items, crafts, DIY, hairstyles and nail-art ideas that may interest you.

3.   Converse with creators: 

By pinning and liking posts you can become a part of the conversation with brands and bloggers, you can comment and tease out fashion ideas and DIY tricks and tips. Imagine seeing the fashion ideas of boutique owners in Europe who you wouldn’t have otherwise found.

4.   Think Small:

It’s a perfect place to get away from your daily mundane tasks and think of new ideas. You can find and create boards on any small idea. My love for stylish Neck designs is one such idea. There is  no end to the different boards you can create and follow. You can create niche boards on vintage inspired fashion, Stripes, Hair pins and what not!

5.   Explore!

Since Pinterest is such a visual website, its great to open up on boring monday afternoons and browse lazily through the columns and columns of fashion gold. Let serendipity kick in 🙂

It’s just the perfect place to curate & live out your fashion fantasies. It lets each of us show off our taste to the world without shopping in the places where we possibly can’t !

To give you an idea: I currently have 19 boards – Style Ideas , Color Combos, Dresses, Nail-Art, My photo blog, B/W Fashion photography, My Fashion & Style, DIY Accessories, Hair styles etc. Do follow the boards to see what my take on fashion & style is.

How to join Pinterest? At the moment joining Pinterest is by invitation only but I would be more than happy to send invites to anyone who is interested (Click Here to leave your details)

Disclaimer: I am not receiving any remuneration  from Pinterest(Duh! I would never do such a thing) for writing this article. I believe that it is a site worth promoting.стоимость создания и обслуживания сайта