One Dress, Two Ways: Max Fashion

Festive season is just around corner and its time to buy some bright color clothes 🙂  And when it comes to ethnic shopping, I like to simplify the hunt by seeing how can I style the outfit pieces in  more than one way. Though I love wearing ethnic outfits , the fact of the matter is that I don’t wear them that often and hence my clothes end up … Continue reading One Dress, Two Ways: Max Fashion

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Indian “Ethnic” Wardrobe Essentials

However popular western clothing gets, there is something sublimely beautiful about wearing Indian ethnic clothes. An effortless elegance. When it comes to Indian wear, it’s very important to know where you really wear these clothes.  It could be # Office # College # Weddings # For a play/music night # Just like that We’re going to build a wardrobe together to fit your lifestyle. (If you do not understand a … Continue reading Indian “Ethnic” Wardrobe Essentials