Change That Old Watch Into a Sexy Accessory

Watches, who uses them to actually check time? They are accessories more than time keepers. We would love a small collection of watches to go with our various styles wouldn’t we. Today’s D.I.Y Project will help you convert your old watch  into a new accessory (Trust me you don’t need to be a full-on expert) and adds tons of bang to your wrist with just … Continue reading Change That Old Watch Into a Sexy Accessory

D.I.Y. – Over-sized Ethnic Clutch

Clutches are simple to stitch and work well with ethnic styles as well as casuals ones. Oversized ethnic clutches are currently a rage. If you do not have one and are wondering where to buy em, you need not worry! Just follow the instructions and create one for yourself. 1. Select the fabric for the base, lining & cover 2. Get all other basic tools … Continue reading D.I.Y. – Over-sized Ethnic Clutch