Colored Safety Pins

D.I.Y. Colored Safety Pins

The Safety pin is a humble knight in shining armor!

It can replace a missing button on your shirt, fight a falling hem of your dress, tighten your shoulder straps or hold your skirt around your waist.
Safety Pins are a simple last-minute fashion-fix to evade wardrobe embarrassment or unwanted peek-a-boos.

We are constantly trying to ensure that the safety pins are not visible. Why use that metal safety-pin when you can use a colored one? Colored safety pins from market may not be of the color you are looking for, so why make one yourself?

  1. Stand out – Add funky colored safety-pins to make your outfit stand out!
  2. Don’t stand out – Color safety-pins to match the color of your clothes/dress to hide their presence.

    Colored Safety Pins DIY

Here is a small but handy DIY for you all on how you can make your own colored safety pins.


                  1. Metal Safety pins

                  2. Nail Paint OR Acrylic colors & brush

                  3. Sheet of Paper

DIY Safety Pin

          1. Take a metal safety-pin of a size depending on how you intend to use it

          2. Choose the exact color nail-paint or acrylic paint for coloring

          3. Take a plain sheet of paper and paint the pin from both sides

          4. Let it dry for 10 mins and repeat step 3 for additional coat

          5. Let it dry for another 10 mins and the colored safety-pin is READY