Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked8

Péro throws ‘Pajama Party’

The Scene: Its one hell of a fun night with friends, dressed in fancy pajamas . Annette Funicello & Connie Francis playing in the background and music is only getting louder as the excitement increases as the girls play dress-up. Whats expected is a  lot of gossip, laughter , pillow fights and wild dancing at this crazy pajama party

The Inspiration: 1960’s is where the inspiration came from. Striped jammies, lace ,sailor headscarf band. Make up and Hairdo was something straight out of Mad Men , so sixties!

The Look: The collection was all about comfort clothing. Hand woven khadi pajama, long dresses, hand-embroidered boxer shorts, jackets that gave more of a nod to the pajama in fabric and silhouette, but also looked like real daytime clothes. And it was all about details. Silver & Golden stamped polka dots , crochet borders, hand embroidered delicate mulmuls and excellent use of fabric selvedge.

To watch all the models wear pajamas while lying on beds was an unforgettable conceptual art piece. Not to mention it officially took lazy-chic to its natural apogee. Aneeth Arora  indeed left me smiling hours after the show was over 🙂

I captured the show from a different light. Instead of focusing on the clothes, I wanted to focus on the mood that Péro set that day, so here are pictures from a very different perspective. Hope you like it.

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked15

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked1

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked4

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked2

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked6-2

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked5-2

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked10-2

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked11-2

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked7-2

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked3-2

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked8

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked9

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked12

Pero SS16 AIFW | Style Inked13

These pictures were taken at the Amazon India Fashion Week , Pero SS16 show which was held on 10th Oct ,2015 .

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