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Blending In with H&M

Stepping into an  H&M store, it’s hard to know where to begin. It has the perfect mix of affordability & diversity.  Do you start at the basics and the denim? Or the “trendy” pieces and gorgeous accessories? Or maybe, you’ve tracked down this one particularly gorgeous skirt that you have been seeing all over on pinterest/internet and are ready to run in, grab, and go. Either way, it is hard when you are doing it during your travel and know that its the only chance you have to shop.

So all you H&M fans who’ve been waiting with bated breath for an H&M store in Bangalore, your wish has been granted. We now have an H&M Store in VR Bengaluru Mall  ( Well everything in their collection is sooooo buyable, now only if I had a little more credit card limit)
What’s even more fun is the fact that I shot for their HMLOVESBLR campaign. Well my style has always been about easy dressing,so I chose this midi dress as I felt  blended beautifully with the background and in other words H&M merging with Bangalore ( Silly connections the brain makes 🙂 ) I also experimented with the studded block mule heels, which is not something that I would instantly go for but I liked how it worked with the outfit.

I mixed this  H&M outfit with one of my fav leather bag from Raff . This brand deserves an entire post of its own. So I will soon talk about it again soon. Here are a few out-takes from the shoot I did for H&M.


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::Outfit Details::

Shoes: H&M
Handbag : Raff
Watch : Rado

Photos by Namrata Naik


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