The Beauty of Capturing Moments

Easy access to photography has led to a reduction in long-term memory keeping. Now let me explain this to you in detail. With the sudden selfie craze and cameras getting better in our phones, it is easier than ever to capture the very important and even not-so important moments of our travel or life in general.

This leads to a situation where , if you need to cherish those moments , you need to go through a gazillion number to pics which are now scattered on your phone, big fat hard disk , instagram, facebook or the  mysterious “cloud”. Don’t you think that we are losing  the narrative somewhere? We forget that these pictures are not isolated individual photographs but a link to the story- a vacation we just enjoyed, a birthday party we hosted for our friend or parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. And I am not talking about the big events in life, some of my best times in life have been beyond the “tagged” celebration days.

Recently with my new Sony Xperia Z3 , I decided to test the tall claims made by Sony and took the  phone  on a family trip to Kodaikanal. Would it replace my trusty SLR? Is it too big to carry around? Won’t the pictures be just on phone and never printer worthy?A few hours into the trip I realized that I did not feel the need to remove my DSLR (even for those delicate early morning dew drop on mountain flower pics). This apart from the insane battery life of nearly 2 days and awesome speakers.

The phone is also waterproof, in the below pics, look for the man in the umbrella black and white pic. That was taken in a heavy drizzle with the phone exposed to the rainfall.Generally the pics I take from the phone can be viewed only on the phone and as soon as you wish to print them they look pixelated or blurry.Any remember that thing from the 90’s called prints?? The truth is that we live moments again and again through prints– either framed along your stairway, bound neatly in an album, or even piled among ticket stubs and souvenirs in boxes marked year by year.

What is the point of such a great phone if the pics it enables me to take stays on it?

Visual Storytelling was the answer.

My posts as regular readers would attest are picture heavy to illustrate a trend, show steps in a DIY or share imagery from travel.So here is what I did with the pics I captured with Xperia Z3  on my first trip- Made a PhotoBox. The idea was to actually cherish these cherished moments.


  1. Connect your phone to the printer ( or walk down to the nearest one you lazy bum with that other things from the 90’s , a burnt CD-ROM), and print the pictures as squares of 2.5” X 2.5” ( or 3.5” X 3.5” basically squares)
  2. You can either use label paper from which the picture can be peeled off or else print and cut the pictures.
  3. Cut a long strip of paper 3.15” wide . This will be your base on which you will stick your pictures.
  4. Now take the pictures you have cut and plan the sequence of the same
  5. Then stick the pictures to the paper using any adhesive that you prefer.
  6. Give a uniform white space around the picture to give it more of a polaroid look.
  7. You can attach more strips to the existing strip if you have lot more pictures.
  8. Now fold the strip like shown in the picture.
  9. Take an old electronics box that you may have and decorate it. I preferred keeping it simple with just the name of the place I visited and time.
  10. Once done, place the long folded strip of photos inside the box. Voila! The photobox is ready 🙂


So don’t wait for heaps of digital mess. Awesome phones can only help you capture moments beautifully. Try out  this easy tutorial and make your own photobooks.

 You need the magic of print to change those bits to atom. 🙂

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