Feather Necklace DIY

The Cult of DIY

I just received a beautiful goodie bag from Wooplr for being a crazy shopaholic. Don’t know whether being a crazy shopaholic is a good or a bad thing but then let’s leave that discussion some other time 😉

The feather chime stuck on the goodie bag was so fascinating than it got the DIY cells in my brain working.  It is as though my brain is programmed to  look-out for these unique  and interesting sweet nothings and make something out of it.

Don’t you think making your own stuff is a great way to infuse something new and fresh in your collection?  I love making my own jewellery especially from stuff that doesn’t really qualify to be jewellery components. This post is just to inspire you to look around and see the beauty in things around you and give them a way into your creations.

So if you are convinced with the idea, come along with me and see how I used two simple things to make a pendant necklace.

The Feather chime on the goodie bag

Feather Necklace DIY

The colored Safety pins (Don’t Fret if you don’t have them- DIY Here)

Safety Pin DIY Necklace

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