DIY Tie & Dye

Trend to Try: Tie & Dye Denim Jeans

If you are anything like me, am sure you get tired of seeing the same trends popping up in all the  stores and that’s when you scream inside- “I want something different!”.

Now that we are done with the colored denim jeans trend, you wonder what next? Well, there are patterned denims with swanky prints, paint splatters, crazy ombre colors and more. But I clearly love the tie & dye jeans look.

Tie & Dye denim jeans have been a part of my pinterest wish list board for a long time and little did I know that it was so easy to refashion one on my own! While Honetly…WTF came to my rescue with their very lovely tutorial, I will not repeat what they have beautifully covered in a few easy steps. So check out the tutorial – “How to make your own Tie & Dye Denim Jeans”

I picked up my favorite denim jeans to breathe a new life into them. The result? The perfect summertime tie & dye denim jeans. Have a look at my version.


How to Style a tie & dye denim jeans?
I recommend you keep the rest of the look very simple.
– A classic white T-shirt or a tank top  to create a very off-the-cuff look.
– For a dressier look you can pair it with black blouse and your favorite pumps.
-Tuck-in a crisp button-up shirt and add a nice necklace or a bag and you are ready to rock your new tie-dye denim.

What do you lovely ladies think of this trend? Are you ready to give yourself a little push and enter new territory?

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