New IT Bag – Raff

Your bag can be the first thing someone notices about your outfit. And, although you may already have a trusty everyday bag, you wouldn’t say no to giving your trusted companion a well-deserved hiatus to make room for something new. Our accessories deserve a summer break, too, right? Talking about one such handbag brand you should invest in right now.

If you follow my blog posts, I rarely advocate a single brand or product and that is because there are very few of them that really resonate with me. Raff is one amongst those few brands. I had met Rashi Agarwal when she was designing for Holii and somehow we stayed in touch. And then when she started  Raff ,  she invited me check out her website. I just loved all the bags, so much so that I still find it hard to decide which is my fav. Hence sharing it with all you lovely readers.

There are a couple of reasons why this brand stands out in the sea of handbag brands!

  • Raff is all about simple styles and designs that stick. No jazzy designs or motifs
  • The brand is also environmentally conscious as it uses only eco-friendly, vegetable tanned leather
  • I am a fan of hand-stitched products and each Raff bag is handmade
  • Bags are in neutral shades thereby making them evergreen and  hence complement almost your whole wardrobe.




Vega, the bag in the picture is the chosen one 🙂  It is supremely versatile as its a sling that doubles up as a waist bag and triples up as a clutch!



1. Like a Clutch

2.Like a Waist Bag 

3. Like a Sling 

Raff Collage
::Outfit Details::
Dress: Ginger
Shoes: Zara
Bag : Raff 
Watch: Giordano

Photography: Namrata Naik


If you’re a fan of minimal ethos, then go check out their stuff!
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