Nail art Maybelline

Gold French Manicure

Are you partial to the classic, clean french manicure composed of pale pink and white or would you like to try something new ?  While I keep experimenting  with colors and nail art, I have never tried the white and gold combo before. This might be one of the simplest manicures ever but I had to share! Painting the tip can be challenging but with a little practice, you’ll get it. … Continue reading Gold French Manicure

Cobalt blue smokey eyes

DIY Blue Smokey Eyes

  Smokey eyes have been doing the rounds from the fashion editorials, runways to the red carpet. And rightly so! There is something very mesmerizing about those smoldering dark eyes that make a statement. I have been experimenting a lot with different styles of Smokey eyes from dark & edgy to less severe & softened neutral shades.  Recently I tried the blue Smokey eyes and … Continue reading DIY Blue Smokey Eyes

MAC products | Manvi Gandotra

How MAC changed my mind about Make-up!

  For a lot of us Indians make-up is restricted to special occasions like a wedding or a party. Simply because we believe that makeup is not for daily use. We ‘save’ it for special occasions.  If you think about it you will realize that we are too conscious. We believe that putting on make-up is a clear sign of being self-obsessed or we feel … Continue reading How MAC changed my mind about Make-up!

Summer Hairstyle India

Chic Way to Wear a Simple Ribbon in Your Hair

Summer has reached its peak and that means you can no longer step out without your hair sticking to the back of your neck. I am sure the thought of chopping your hair off would have crossed your mind a zillion times already. As I have long hair, they easily get greasy with sweat and dirt, making the hair limp and dull. So a messy … Continue reading Chic Way to Wear a Simple Ribbon in Your Hair

Beauty tips

Summer Special: Make your own Aloe Vera Gel

It’s funny how we find it convenient to just head to a cosmetic store and pay money for chemical based products while the best natural skin care ingredient actually grows in our backyard. The secret is in the transparent, juicy substance contained in the thick leaves of Aloe Vera, the Aloe Vera Gel. If you have severe acne, dry skin or any kind of skin … Continue reading Summer Special: Make your own Aloe Vera Gel