Summer Hairstyle India

Chic Way to Wear a Simple Ribbon in Your Hair

Summer has reached its peak and that means you can no longer step out without your hair sticking to the back of your neck. I am sure the thought of chopping your hair off would have crossed your mind a zillion times already.
As I have long hair, they easily get greasy with sweat and dirt, making the hair limp and dull. So a messy bun, ponytail or braids is all I’m indulging in this summer season.

Looking for some inspiration to style your strands this summer? See how I added a ribbon to my hair-  it’s quite a chic accessory.


Use the ribbon to add a touch of whimsy to your look.  It is my favorite among simple summer hairstyles as it gives you the relaxed and laid-back look. What’s more, it’s equally effortless to make.

Hair Tips for summer:

1. When making a ponytail do not pull your hair too tightly as it can cause hair to fall
2. Go for hairbands that have good grip but are gentle for your hair
3. While going out in harsh sun, wear a scarf or hat if possible
4.  Avoid shampooing daily as it strips off the essential oil from hair
5. Deep condition/massage your hair once a week or fortnight
6. Use wooden combs as they are not rough to the scalp and help distribute oil from your scalp to hair

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