White Nails Trend

Trend Alert : White Nails

The white nail trend is definitely taking over. I have been eyeing the white colored nails on celebrities like Rihanna, J Lo  and on Pinterest boards for quite some time but have not gotten around to doing it myself. This weekend  I could FINALLY get my hands on some white nail polish (topped with a transparent  coat) and I LOVED it!

White Nails Trend
Source: Pinterest

I definitely thought that it may not go well with the my skin color but I do not think that is true and it looks really nice.  One has to agree that white polish looks perfectly pristine with anything that you wear.
And this is how my hands look at this point in time- What do you think?
White Nail s

Things to keep in mind when wearing white polish:

1. Make sure your nails are cleanly shaped because white shows everything
2. Do give a final coat of transparent polish to protect the nail from breaking and de-coloring
3. You can choose a more watery/sheer white if you feel that a very opaque white may not go well with your skin tone
4. Go for short nails as white nails make a statement, this is a great option to downplay the color’s boldness

Come on, you know you want to…

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