When Not To Wear Jeans?

Denim jeans have become an integral part of our everyday dressing but who said that “you can never go wrong with jeans”?  It’s true that wearing jeans daily is a hard habit to break but then there are occasions where jeans are not the most apt attire to sport. The way a girl dresses conveys a lot! One can easily look at a girl and tell whether she has made any attempt to “buff” herself up aptly for the occasion or not, regardless of her financial status.

When not to wear jeans

Jeans are great on most occasions, but there are some occasions where you just can’t ever wear jeans, no matter how sexy you look in them! The few of those occasions being:

#1 Wedding

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Heck No!!  Wedding is an important event and by wearing jeans you are just giving an impression that you don’t care about how significant that event is to the couple. You might not look half horrific in them, but the occasion demands a level of respect that jeans, just can’t convey. You will stand out in the crowd for sure but then not for the right reasons. Stick to traditional!

#2 Club Party

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It’s never as embarrassing to be overdressed, as it is to arrive at a club party underdressed. If you want to be fashionable & trendy when you hit the club, then dress the part.  In other words, don’t wear jeans, a cotton t-shirt and sneakers. If you do chose to wear jeans over a sexy dress, skirt, dressy pants- make sure your top is stylish and perfect, the jewellery is tasteful and you wear a nice pair of high heel pumps or sandals. You may still lose out on a lot of compliments just because the PYT next to you is in a sexy black dress.

 #3 Business Casuals

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 The whole idea behind business casuals is to have an attire to convey a sense of informality while retaining the productivity of a business environment. It allows far more leeway than Business formals but then wearing jeans is taking the comfort to a whole new unacceptable level.  Well appearances do matter at work, don’t they?

#4 During Clothes Shopping

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 It’s very important that the whole shopping experience is easy and enjoyable. Many a times when we girls do shopping we pay no heed to what we put on before we set off to the shopping complex. Being in comfortable, loose clothes can actually help us  save some time. Jeans is not the best choice when you want to wear clothes you can get in and out easily. And if you are in one of your favourite skinny jeans, peeling them off your waist can be a herculean task. Remember- the more time you save, the more time you get to shop 🙂

#5 Monsoon Rains

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 Jeans are good if you can avoid all the puddles during rains! More often than not we get drenched in rains and then wait indefinitely for the jeans to dry till we have a pair to change into. Who wants the muck to get stuck onto their jeans anyway? Perfect season to flaunt your shorts & capris !

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